Our bodies are like onions - which layer do we work on first?

Hey everyone!

Dr. Nicole Krakora here! I’m a Naturopathic doctor and my job is basically to be a detective and find the root cause of the imbalance in my patients’ bodies. Our bodies are like onions (Shrek said it best!)– each layer holds something that wants to be healed. I use muscle testing along with lab tests and all the other doctor goodies to find out what the body wants to work on first and foremost. Most of the time there are lots of things going on to create an imbalance – toxicity, food sensitivities, chronic infection etc and its important to know what to work on first. Working on all layers at once usually causes more distress than good. 


Remember that onion I spoke about? Well I want to know the outer layer – which layer that I’m working with first and what YOUR body wants to treat and most importantly HOW.


Lets say 5 different women come into my office with digestive disturbances and anxiety – each woman’s body has many layers and while my doctor brain has all these ideas – gut dysbiosis, gut infection, neurotransmitter imbalance, autoimmune – the ONLY thing that matters is how your body wants to treat the first layer and every layer after that. This allows us to establish a treatment protocol in the correct order for your body.


As you can imagine some people are really big onions with lots of layers (complicated medical history or many factors that have gotten them to this point of dis-ease) and some people have a couple layers that they heal and immediately feel better. That being said those 5 women that came into my office usually leave with 5 different treatment protocols. Those 5 women could all have SIBO or some gut infection but the bottom line is each woman’s body usually wants it treated differently.  What are some of the different ways? We can use herbs, homeopathics, nutrients, medications, food, structural work, etc. and also treat their body emotionally. 


Emotionally? What? Right. Most doctors don’t look at the emotional component, not because they don’t know it exists but because there aren’t great tools to treat it that most doctors are aware of besides anxiety/depression medication or counseling. Both of those have their places and can be effective tools and there are other ways to look at this emotional component.


To simplify things —we look at the body through 3 lenses – Chemical, Emotional and Structural. 


The chemical lens is comprised of everything that should be in the body that isn’t such as homeopathics, herbs, nutrients, foods, vitamins etc AND anything that is in the body that shouldn’t be – those pesky bugs, heavy metals, toxicity, supplements that aren’t serving you, foods etc. 


Structural can be anything throwing off the physical body. Usually solutions are chiropractic, acupuncture, movement, dance etc. 


That brings us to the emotional lens. How does an emotional component add to a gut infection? Or adding to someone’s shoulder pain? 


The body stores old stories and memories. We know that when something stressful happens that it creates proteins and those proteins will literally store in tissue – tissue meaning organs/ muscles/ the nervous system etc. Crazy huh? More on the emotional component next!

The bottom line is everybody is different and should be treated as such! There is so much information out there these days and patients come into my office very educated on their possible conditions and symptom pictures which is great! However the most important piece is figuring out how the body wants to be treated first and foremost — as a detective we will find that first layer and get you on your way to health!

Much love,

Dr Nicole