“I’ve been a patient of Dr. Krakora’s for two years now and it has truthfully been one of the best, most affirming health care relationships I have ever been a part of. Dr. Krakora’s ability to connect, understand, and empathize with you on an emotional level as well as be in tune with you physically is invigorating.

I appreciate every session we have and would recommend Dr. K for anyone who is looking for a holistic, naturopathic experience that both locates and empowers your innate healing capabilities.”
— Keaton Gaughan
After losing trust in conventional medicine over the years, I have been on a journey to find natural treatments to physical and mental health. When my daughter began to experience extreme anxiety, I was desperate to find a natural remedy. I also have Hashimoto’s and have been working on addressing my own impediments to good health. One day, in desperation, I prayed that God would lead me to the right doctor and the right treatment for my daughter and me. That day, I discovered The Cohn Health Institute and Dr. Nicole Krakora. After removing gluten from our diet and receiving other detoxifying natural treatments, as well as NET, both of us are feeling much better! My daughter says she feels 1000% better than she did one year ago and can’t wait for her next appointment with Dr. Nicole. Dr. Krakora is kind, professional, skilled, and confident in her knowledge of natural medicine and NET. I would recommend her to anyone and now have several other family members who see her, as well.
— Lisa Pompa
I sought holistic treatment after a cancer scare. My body was in full-blown distress. Luckily I found Dr. Nicole. From our very first session I was confident that I had met the supportive, healing guide that I so desperately needed. Over a three-month period I experienced a near total transformation of mind and body. I lost 15 pounds, discovered renewed energy, and acquired spiritual healing that I had not anticipated was possible. I highly (HIGHLY) recommend Dr. Nicole!
— Caleb Lund
It is with great confidence that I recommend Dr. Nicole Krakora, N.D. to anyone who is in need of balance, clarity and tranquility. Dr. Nicole is an incredibly compassionate person with an exceptional talent as a Naturopathic Practitioner. Her personality and caring demeanor along with her professionalism makes the entire experience wonderful!

I was highly recommended to Dr. Nicole at a time when I was feeling ungrounded and not healthy. I had sold my businesses and was concerned about my impending resignation and the next phase in my life. With her assistance, I was able to get the clarity to make the decision that brought me greater peace and harmony to my life, and focus on being healthier overall. After starting my customized treatment plan which included NET, nutritional supplements, and IV nutritional therapy, I was able to bring my cholesterol down, eliminate my fatty liver and bring greater peace and healing internally.

As a mother of two children in their mid-twenties, I noticed my kids unbalanced and in need for nutritional guidance. Dr. Nicole was able to accommodate their travel schedule and they have since been able to achieve a healthier and peaceful life style thorough her guidance, nutrition and emotional clearing.
Thanks to Dr. Nicole’s complete wellness program, I feel at peace and balanced as I welcome the next phase of my life with excitement.
Thank you for making an incredible difference in my life!
— Ana Gonzalez-Bechtel
I have been seeing Dr Krakora for a little over a year and I adore her and have recognized serious improvements in my health. I have seen other naturopaths in the past but they did not tailor their care to my needs with kinesiology.. that is where the true magic lies! She has counseled me through physical challenges, emotional trauma releasing, appropriate supplements and IV therapies and I so very highly recommend her and the amazing clinic where she practices.
— Sandra Watson